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Jan Angels began her journey of healing experiencing some of the hardest life lessons of abuse, neglect, horrendous body pain and loosing dear loved ones.  Ever since she could remember she was able to see people who have passed on.  She was told it was just her imagination but she knew it was real.  Determined that there was more to life she studied everything and found her way to metaphysical healing.  Later in life her physical pain became overwhelming.  She experienced Reiki and knew that it works.  After finding medical evidence that Reiki works, she dove into metaphysical healing.  She began to heal her mind, body and spirit.  She was able to overcome all of the trauma she had encountered throughout her life.  At the school she learned Reiki from she took a mediumship class.  The class asked for each student to bring a photo of their deceased loved one.  She printed out a photo of her friend Matt who had passed away 10 years before and she had never spoke of since he passed.  Her son who had said his first word then went silent for 5 years after came up to the photo.  He waved and said, "Hi Matt!"  Not only did he start talking again with the help of reiki, but he knew Jan's deceased loved one.  Shortly after her daughter told her that Jans friend an angel came to visit.  Jan thanked the angel and her daughter replied, "Sarah says your welcome."  With Jan's eyes wide open she was able to confirm that in fact her friend Sarah did pass away the second her daughter had said that.  Jan knew that not only what she had experienced before was real, but her family was gifted in this way also.  Since then Jan and her family have taken mediumship classes.  Jan has been able to bring many people healing messages and feeling of hope for the future.  Jan hopes to bring physical healing to the body as well as Soul Healing from the comfort of knowing our loved ones are still with us, just in a different way.